Portable Oxygen Generator


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Portable Oxygen Concentrator Generator 1-7L/min Adjustable Oxygen Machine Home 90% High Purity for Home Travel Car Use

1. Structural features:
➢Full plastic shell, safe to chopsticks.
➢ With the function of accumulating time: display the total T working time on the display screen.
➢ Equipped with timing shutdown function, easy to use.
➢With remote control function: the machine can be operated remotely, which is easy to use.
➢ The over-controller has a “call” key:-key to call for help. After pressing it, it will sound “I want to help” until you press F again.
➢ The compressor is equipped with a thermal protector to better ensure the safety of the shrink machine and the whole machine.
2. Principle of oxygen supply and characteristics
Principle of oxygen supply Household Oxygen Generator adopts international advanced technology PSA . (Pressure Swing Adsorption) , use air as raw material, power on at ambient temperature, absorb nitrogen by molecular sieve based on diflerent molecular diameters, so oxygen with 90% purity can be separated from air for medical use.
3.Structural features
Full plastic housing. Reliable status
➢ With time-consuming function: the total working time is displayed on the display and equipped with a scheduled shutdown function, which is easy to use
➢ Equipped with remote control function: the machine can be operated remotely, easy to use. The remote control is equipped with a “call” button: a key to call the help function. After pressing, the “I need help” sound will sound until it is pressed again.
4.Main Technical Data
1,Power supply:口AC110V+10%
2.Output power:150(W)
3,Oxygen concentration:40%-90%(Adjustable by flow)
4,oxygen flow:1-7L/min
6,Net weight:5.5kg
7,Outline size:305x180x300mm
8,Safety system:
➢Current overload protection High temperature of compressor,shutdown
9.Electrical classitication:II
10,Operating mode:continuous
11,Normnal working environment➢Ambient Temperature:5℃-40℃:Relative humidity;≤80%:
➢Almosphere pressure:86kPa-106 kPa;Note:When storage temperature is lower than 5C,the equipment shall be placed at normal operating temperature for 4 hours before use.
Note: The oxygen generator should be stored in a well-ventilated room with no strong sunlight, no corrosive gas, and avoid heavy farming and inversion during transportation.
13. Make H period_two years (except for fragile and consumables)
5, Packing list
1, Oxygenerator 1 set
2,Power cord 1roots
3,Nasal oxygen tube 1sets
4, Filter 2sets
5, Fuse 2sets
6, Instruction 1copy


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