Flickering Remote Control Candles


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***1. With a Remote Controller**


1. No longer will you have to put up with the annoyance of cleaning candle drips…. or worry about falling asleepwithout blowing the candles. We care about your safety, and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. No moredripping wax, no more smoke & no more scent. Our flameless candles will suit your every need

2. ENERGY SAVING, SMOKE FREE – These flameless LED tea light candles are completely environmentally friendly. They have ZERO carbon emission and have long battery lives.

3. IDIOT-PROOF – The candles come with PRE-Installed batteries and can be switched on with a simple switch.

4. The batteries have 100+ hours of light-time and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom.

5. PLANNING AN EVENT – Our flameless LED tealights are perfect for weddings, table-top decorations.

6. They're suitable for all kinds of events and can be used outdoors. They're the PERFECT gift, specially for Christmas.


-Feature: Flickering, Energy Saving, Flameless, Flavorless

-Material: PP

-Light Color: Warm White

-Size: 3.5 * 2 * 4cm/3.6cm**3.6cm*3.0cm

-Ready To Use

-Power:Battery Included( 3*AG10 Button Battery/CR2032)

-Switch: On/Off Switch

-Weight: 9g/ each, 136/ Box

-1.5 inches Diameter

Package Included:
12/24PCS LED Tea Light Candles Realistic Battery-Powered Candles (Batteries are included in.)

1 * Remote Controller


***2. Without a Remote Contrlloer***


*Set of 24 Battery-powered LED tealight candles for risk-free, flameless candlelight.

*Energy-saving and zero carbon emission.

*On/off switch, easy & convenient operation.

*lithium ion batteries included.

*Perfect for decoration, such as birthday, party, wedding or any other Celebrations at night. They look like real tealights but use an efficient LED light to simulate a candle flame. The LED bulbs have an long-lasting life time. 24 candles in one package with lithium ion batteries installed.



-Quantity: 24 Pieces

-LED Color: Warm White

-Battery Operated comes with Pre-installed CR1130 battery

-No Live Fire, No Smoke & No Dripping Wax

-Conveniencet On / Off switch on the Bottom

-( Battery Life Results may Vary, Test Results based on single continuously turn on with FULL battery )

-Dimension: 36mm*42mm

Package Included:
12/24 x LED Candles Tea Lights (Batteries are included in.)

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